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Jazz Association (Singapore), also known as JASS, was founded in September 2016 to promote the participation, engagement and excellence of jazz in Singapore. In March 2017, we were accorded charity status in Singapore. Subsequently, JASS was approved as an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) from 23 November 2018 to 22 May 2024. 

JASS is the inspiration and passion of musician and music educator Jeremy Monteiro, Singapore's "King of Swing," and was co-founded by Jeremy and fellow jazz lovers and advocates Albert Chiu, Edmund Lam and Susan Leong. 

As Singapore's first charity dedicated to developing jazz education, excellence and outreach in Singapore, as well as strengthening cultural ties between Singapore and the rest of the world, we aim to expand the jazz arts community, advance education through scholarships, bring jazz to the wider communities and cultivate new audiences in Singapore through outreach activities in Singapore and globally. In July 2020, we added a new pillar to our work - that of supporting eligible local jazz musicians impacted by crisis with short-term financial aid.

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Our vision is to be a centre of excellence in Jazz in Singapore, to bring the joy of Jazz to people from all walks of life and across diverse communities, and to make Singapore a leading global city of Jazz


Jazz Appreciation Talk at NIE_02_edited.

Our mission is to play a strong part in lifting the Singapore jazz scene to new heights by: 

LCYJF2018_Lewis Nash with JASS 2018 Scho

 Forming a core pool of established,  

 professional-level jazz musicians and 

 facilitating continuing education in jazz 

Playing a major role in bridging the needs of 

 the audience with those of the jazz practitioners 

 and other arts groups' objectives 


 Developing Singapore into a vibrant city of jazz 

 for Singaporeans, residents and visitors alike 

VSA _Welcome To My World_ 2018 Concert_e

 Leveraging jazz as a unifying force to 

 promote interaction, cohesion and 

 inclusiveness among our diverse

 communities in Singapore 

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 Making Singapore a nexus for 

 collaborations between Singaporean  

 and international jazz musicians 


 Preserving the spirit of jazz by supporting eligible local jazz musicians impacted by crisis with short-term financial aid.

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