World Mental Health Day Concert Presentation

Swinging Through Our Emotions

Date & Time: 9 October 2022, Sunday 3:30 pm (Live)
10 October 2022, 8:00 pm (Livestream)

 Recital Studio, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Our emotions (or feelings) are experienced on a daily basis. We have the habit of categorising emotions as positive and negative, good or bad. Yet emotions are simply as they are. Emotions serve a purpose by providing us with a depth of information about how we interpret situations and view the world around us. It could be said that emotions are the colour palette of our soul, with differing hues taking centre stage at various times. Lying within each of us is the choice of what we could do with that information. Giving in to a feeling may leave us with future regret, while avoiding or suppressing may leave us feeling flat. Somewhere in the middle, we have a third option of sitting with our emotions in curious, playful observation.

This presents to us a novel idea: what if we were to dance, listen, and swing, while still experiencing the fullness of our emotions?

Join the Jazz Association (Singapore) as we take you to explore our emotions through jazz and learn how to take charge of them with our panel of experts.

The “Swinging With Your Emotions” concert presentation will also be broadcast via livestream, 10 October 2022, 8:00 pm on YouTube: https://youtu.be/s4yobq_UbOw



  • Jeremy Monteiro (Executive Director and Music Director of JASS)

  • Professor Kua Ee Heok (Psychiatrist)

  • Aarti Chidambaram (Clinical Psychologist)

  • Varian Monteiro (Facilitator, Counselling Therapist)


Musicians from JASS:

  • Jeremy Monteiro (Piano)

  • Rit Xu (Flute)

  • Eugene Chew (Bass)

  • Yap Ting Wei (Drums)

Ticket price:

  • General Admission - S$20

  • Student/Senior Citizen – S$16

  • Bulk Ticket Purchases (5 Tickets and above) – S$17

Jazz Appreciation Talk Facebook_Instagram (No Logo).png

Jazz Appreciation Talk & Performance

A Brief History of Jazz

Date: 3 September 2022, Saturday
Time: 3:30 pm
 Recital Studio, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Let Senior Associate Music Director Weixiang Tan, with a select group of international jazz musicians bring you on a journey through the development of jazz in the 20th century, from its roots in New Orleans to its current cosmopolitan form. We will also be looking at the historical impact of jazz in modern Chinese culture, with a panoramic view from its heydays in the roaring 20s, to Latin-laced mambos in the 60s and 70s, and its eventual assimilation into Chinese pop culture in modern times.

Explore an art form that encourages creative expression through spontaneous improvisation as a focus, yet is constantly evolving, always accepting of new developments in art and culture. In the words of Wynton Marsalis, ‘Jazz music is the power of now'.

If you would like to purchase group tickets (i.e. more than 5 tickets), we would be glad to offer you a special promotional rate.
Please contact Yeok Tsui at +65 6741 0337 (Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm),
or yeoktsui.chin@jazzassociation.sg.